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For every person who complains, 26 others typically remain silent. Tell Touch proactively captures instant feedback and spotlights issues before they fester into costly, time-consuming, resource-intensive problems. It's an early warning system that improves operations and makes compliance painless.

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A much more proactive approach than surveys

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Simple-to-use, easy-to-access and high-level reporting

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In aged care, information is king, and Tell Touch provides this!

Instant Feedback & Complaints Solution

How Tell Touch Works
Consumer and Representative

Consumers & Representatives can submit feedback in one of 80 languages through:

  • An in-home kiosk (residential only);
  • A mobile app; or they can
  • Scan a QR code and submit a web form.
Tell Touch

Tell Touch system (hosted in Australia) receives the feedback and:

  • Auto-assigns it based on customizable rules (e.g. if food-related, assign to the chef);
  • Maps it to the Aged Care Quality Standards;
  • Sends reminders if/when overdue; and
  • Analyses and escalates if serious (e.g. SIRS).

Manager is notified by email or SMS. They then sign in to the dashboard to:

  • Reply (representatives get copied in);
  • Post an internal note;
  • View previous correspondence; and
  • See reports highlighting areas needing attention.
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Tell Touch explained in 66 seconds

Aged Care Quality Standards

Does your Feedback & Complaints System Comply?

Standard 6 of the Aged Care Quality Standards requires providers to demonstrate that feedback and complaints are "encouraged and supported", there is "open disclosure", and responding actions are "appropriate".

Paper Forms

The paperwork required to demonstrate compliance makes this practically impossible. It's also difficult to spot trends to add to your PCI.

Risk Management Tools

To demonstrate compliance, the manager must manually enter all correspondence which is time-consuming and not terribly practical.

Survey Tools & Scheduled Audits

If relying on surveys or audits to identify issues, it's too late to take "appropriate action". You can't undo a broken hip!

Staff undertaking a survey isn't consumer engagement.

Web-based Feedback Tools

These tools do not "encourage and support" the many people that aren't tech-savvy or don't have Internet access.

Further, the forms are often hard-to-use and long-winded.

Retail Feedback Tools

Modified retail tools don't meet open disclosure requirements and often don't meet health data privacy and security obligations.

Tell Touch

Simple, easy-to-use, accessible system. Continuous live data allows you to engage with your consumers, deliver better care and demonstrate compliance.

An ounce of preventions is worth a pound of cure.

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Address issues before they fester
Operate more efficiently
Happier consumers, families and staff
Better word-of-mouth
Easier to attract new consumers and staff
Easier to attract new consumers and staff Better word-of-mouth Happier consumers, families and staff Operate more efficiently Address issues before they fester

The average home can save $120,000 per year

This value is based on modelled cost savings when implementing Tell Touch in an average 100-bed facility. Factors include:

  • Marketing spend
  • Staff absenteeism
  • Staff turnover
  • Staff quality/efficiency
  • Legal fees - External complaints
  • Legal & consultant fees - Non-compliances
  • Legal & consultant fees - Sanctions
  • Fines if sanctioned
Australian Government - Department of Health

Government Grants Now Available

Numerous providers have funded Tell Touch through grants.

The Department of Health and the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) are providing grants (GO5672) to “address gaps in service delivery and trial and implement new and innovative service delivery models”. Contact us to find out more.

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